Jobuk Johnson

Doug Schamberg, aka Jobuk Johnson

The Exquisite Voice of Heather Antonissen.  "Heather is the finest singer I have worked with in thirty years as a jazz accompanist."  Jobuk Johnson.

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Dr. Doug is our local borderline psychiatrist. Good info, links and advice.

Ghost Town Cafe  ~  Home Cookin' and reasonable prices.

Collie Ryan, a devoted Theosophist, Musician, Poet, and Artist.

Painted Feather Art Gallery and working Studio of Artist "Dani".

Leapin' Lizard Art Gallery and working studio of Artist Bryn Moore.

El Dorado Hotel in the Ghost Town.

High Sierra Restaurant, Beer & Wine Bar at the El Dorado Hotel.

Mosasaur & Hadrosaur fossils on display.  Ken Barnes shows fossiles from the ancient Seas & Shores of the Big Bend.

Information on the Big Bend area of the Rio Grande.

Terlingua Trading Company, you absolutely must visit this store!

India's Cafe in Bee Mountain Plaza

Los Jalapenos Cafe in the Terlingua Store

Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend

"I started playing fingerstyle guitar after hearing the folk music of Peter, Paul, & Mary and the song ‘Classical Gas’ by Mason Williams."
"Twilight On The Trail" performed by Jobuk Johnson
Mobile RV Repair in the Big Bend.

Terlingua Moon weekly newsletter.

KYOTE Radio.  What's going on up here?

La Posada Milagro Guesthouse

Far Flung Outdoor Center Terlingua 1-800-839-7238

Big Bend River Tours  1-800-545-4240

Desert Sports  Bicycles, canoes  1-800-432-2727

Lajitas Stables Horseback Riding  1-432-371-2212

Big Bend & Texas Mountains Travel Guide

Big Bend Gazette

Terlingua Store

Buckwheat the Terlingua Racing Chihuahua

Shot Time Liqourz~n~Beerz
Jobuk's Links
Ten Bits Ranch Bed & Breakfast
Old West Town of Chimney Rock
Texas Big Bend
Local 432-371-3110
Toll Free 866-371-3110
Expresso y Poco Mas  ~  Jobuk hangs out here
Terlingua Mercury Mine at the peak of operation sometime around 1910