When Jobuk plays guitar it sounds like Chet Atkins sitting in with Bob Wills. His voice has been described as being reminiscent of a young Willie Nelson.

“It was great training playing acoustically for so many years” says Jobuk. 

"I learned how to use my voice and how to get a good tone out of my guitar like they used to back in the stage and radio days when you weren’t plugged in; you played acoustically or you just stood up to a microphone. There’s a richness in tone from this simpler approach for which there is no electronic shortcut.”

“To me there’s nothing more elegant than a simple country song.”
"Time Changes Everything" by Jobuk Johnson
Jobuk's Campfire Songs
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Jobuk says...
"The recordings on this compilation are the results of a lifetime of private study on the guitar and of playing the song requests of friends, fans and tourists for twenty years down along the Rio Grande in West Texas.  The songs you will encounter in these recordings developed out of these experiences and my love for a good song that comes straight from the heart."
Jobuk Johnson

Terlingua Troubadour